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Publication of the invitation to 2015 Annual General Shareholders Meeting on the Company's website
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Disclosure of Extraordiary General Shareholders Meeting No.1/2015 on the company's website
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Resolutions of the Board of Directors’ Meeting and the schedule of 2015 Annual General Meeting Of Sharehoders
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Financial Advisory

Transactions Advised
USD 7.1 billion

ACAP Corporate Services is financial advisor to medium and large companies and institutional investors undertaking transactions in Thailand and S.E. Asia. Our clients rely on us for our expertise in investment banking and corporate finance, such as debt restructuring, merger and acquisition, and funding advisory. To date we have structured financial solutions to transactions worth more than 220 billion baht (USD 7.1 billion). 

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NPL Valuation and Management

Assets Managed
USD 6.3 billion

ACAP Advisory is Thailands leading independent NPL portfolio service provider and NPL valuation specialist.  On behalf of clients, we have participated in nearly every NPL auction in Thailand since 2005, and have reviewed and valued NPL portfolios worth 422 billion baht (USD 13.6 billion) in total obligation, across Thailand and Malaysia.

Loan assets entrusted under our care for management and recovery to date comprise more than 1.2 million borrowers with total obligation of 194 billion baht (USD 6.3 billion).  The loans span Thailand and Malaysia and range in type including unsecured consumer loans, housing and SME loans, and multi-billion baht syndicated commercial loans.

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Legal Advisory

ACAP Consulting specialises in commercial, foreclosure and bankruptcy law.  We provide legal advisory and representation services to medium and large corporate entities, and litigation case management services to owners of large NPL portfolios.  In addition, many of our clients seek us for our background in public sector relations.

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Business Process Outsource Services

Global Service Center provides business process outsource services such as call centre, debt and receivables collection, loan approval, payroll and data entry services to banking, mobile network, airline and other corporate clients.

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